The use of embroidered workwear is a great way of improving your business’ presence in today’s competitive commercial arena. Here at Brookes we have a specialist team who can deal with all your requirements so if it’s polo shirts, hats, sweatshirts, jackets, and everything in between we can help to get it done, so you get a high quality finish at a very competitive price. So why not see what a great professional impression it makes when you have your company logo or branding on your work uniform. An embroidered logo will get your business noticed, whatever your line of business. But what actually makes a good logo in the first place? Here are a few things you want to consider

You have already spent time and money designing your company’s logo, that is both innovative and eye catching. It can look amazing on a computer screen but it may not be well-suited to be put on clothing for various reason so here are a few tips to make sure you make the most of your logo so it can be embroidered successfully and you receive the high standard of branding on your clothing that your company expects and deserves.

You should make sure that your finished logo looks good in both colour and black and white, too many colours may not be cost effective, or work with your choice of clothing. For example, hi-visibility vests normally work best when black is used as this contrast with the colour of the garment.

Fine detailing on a logo can be problematic, so if you have small lettering for example this can be a quality issue in embroidery. Small letters would not be able to be read clearly, so we normally recommend a minimum of 6mm per letter. We would also recommend that your logo fits within a 10cm x 10cm square.

You should also avoid outlines or shadowing effects on lettering and effects such as faded colours.

One way to avoid problems is to take a look at the most recognisable brands on the high street as they all follow the rule of being simple and effective. If you have the most amazingly complex logo, try and simplify it for use on clothing, it will be as, if not more, effective. Our skilled team is always available to answer your questions when you are considering embroidered workwear, so give them a call today on 0844 209 6389.