For those who work in the construction industry now is the time to invest in your workwear as The Construction Industry Training Board has revised the industry’s estimate for new jobs over the coming year, it now looks at over 45,000 recruits being required.

The need for new housing will see an increase of over 4$ in the private housing sector and the same in the commercial sector. And this increase is being seen, for the first time since the downturn began, across the country as a whole, and not just in London and the south-east. The North-West expects a year on year growth of 2.5% until 2019, the North-East 2.3%, but Wales is looking at almost 6%. So construction is going to be experiencing a major period of growth, which should have a positive effect t on the economy as a whole.

The National Federation of Builders sees this growth as reassuring especially in areas outside of the South-East as it is creating jobs where they are needed most, and boosting local economies

However, this will mean that there will also be a major challenge to the skills that will be required, and national organisation s will have to be involved to make sure that training is available, and available at the right time. Contractors are already increasing activity to bring both apprentices and graduates into the sector, creating new careers in offices and on sites throughout the regions.

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