Back in the 1960s we discovered The Naked Civil Servant, more recently we have heard about the exploits of The Naked Rambler as he makes his way across the country as nature intended and adding to this we now have the ‘naked commuter’ on the London Underground.

In protest against the rising temperatures one man is baring almost all in a protest against the heat on the tube trains in London. The twenty-three year old, “revealed” as Mungo Strachan, has said that with the rising temperatures, his journey on the underground, from Baron’s Court to Monument, is unbearable in his suit. Therefore he has taken to carrying it and stripping down to his boxers to travel to work.

He has said that being a Scotsman these current temperatures were for him almost tropical, and it appears that the protest will continue, with others who travel on the Northern Line joining in the campaign over the next few days. As temperatures continue to increase he has said that he would happily remove the boxers if it meant that the London Mayor, one Boris Johnson, takes notice of the protest. However, he did add that baring all may have repercussions, especially with his own employers, which he would have to consider. The protest is to send out the message to the Mayor and authorities that air conditioning is needed on all tubes now.

It should be noted that Transport for London has already introduced air conditioning on the Metropolitan Line, and on some of the carriages that use the Circle, District and Hammersmith & City Lines on which Mr Strachen undertakes his daily journey. By the end of 2016 the ongoing plan will see 191 trains in operation across the Tube network, which accounts for almost 40% of the whole network.

Maybe Mungo and the other protesters would be better looking at the material of the clothes they are wearing, and taking a look at some of the shirts we have available which breathe so they wouldn’t have to strip in the first place and would arrive ready to do a full day’s work

Only time will tell, and if anything more is ‘uncovered’ on this story we will let you know