If you are as old as I am you may well remember the times that If you went to any sort of trendy bar or club Jeans were a big ‘red flag’ and your were unlikely to get in


'But the times they are indeed a changing'


For many of us Jeans are standard wear for a Friday night. It is also now considered acceptable to sport the latest designer jeans to clubs, wine bars and restaurants. I would go as far as to say that unless you are a lady on a posh night out jeans are pretty much the norm.


Yes I know that people still like to wear a suit on a night out, but even this style has been subject to change with the full suit being substituted for a jacket or blazer with a smart pair of jeans


'So where will it all end, you may ask?


Those of you who are observant will have noticed a new style trend becoming more prevalent in the last few years. And this is based on ideas that have been about for a very long time.




Yes 'Workwear. I’m not talking about going for a night out in a boiler suit and tool belt, although this might be good for fancy dress purposes. Here we are talking about trousers Polo Shirts and T shirts from some of the top workwear brands like Snickers, Dickies and Helly Hansen.  


The popularity of such work wear is not just down to their durability but due to the fact. that many of  these products, especially the trousers look very much like designer high street branded trousers with their contrasting coloured jean like fabrics, slung baggy looks as well as fitted trim styles, large multi pockets and a large heavy belt to enhance the look.


I am not saying that you should stick a pair of Dickies trousers on with a blazer and try and stroll into a posh restaurant, or go out in work wear covered in oil or grease. However, with a clean T shirt or Polo Shirt you can certainly look the part in many social settings.