With the British climate waterproof workwear is a given but especially at this time of year. Making sure that your workforce is dry and comfortable at all times will help to make sure that they are as productive and as efficient as possible. Here are a few more things to consider when making sure that you select the right garments.

Probably the most important garment in this category is the jacket, which can be worn all year round, and at this time of year when temperatures are dropping you might want to consider one that is fleece lined. You can then ensure that staff will be warm and dry. For those who are likely to have a prolonged period exposed to the rain that waterproof trousers should also be considered as essential.

Depending on the conditions and the normal working environment you may want to think about a material that is either water resistant or water repellent. Which of these you choose will depend on your working conditions, how long your workforce spend outside in adverse weather conditions and the all important consideration of budget.

As well as keeping the elements out clothing should also be breathable, which helps maintain the wearer’s temperature at a comfortable level while they complete their work. The breathable fabric resists water entering from the outside, but allows water vapour from underneath to pass through, so reducing the amount of sweat that can collect and so keep the wearer more comfortable.

Another factor that could influence your choice is to incorporate high visibility so that your staff will be seen even in adverse conditions. This is particularly important for those working on busy construction sites and road maintenance. In fact this could be a legal requirement in certain instances so always check.

Even while keeping your staff dry and safe do not forget you also have the opportunity to advertise your company’s individual brand identity, so why not place your company name and contact details on the clothing. Our experienced team can take you through this process.

So whatever your requirements for waterproof workwear we can lead you to the right garment here at Brookes the home of workwear.