There are many working environments that involve spending time kneeling – if this sounds familiar then the use of workwear trousers which allow kneepads to be inserted into them can be a major factor in preventing knee injuries. By using kneepads to provide protection against impact injuries and providing padding and cushioning for the knees, research has shown this will reduce wear and tear and injuries to the knees.

One of the best sellers in this category are the Dickies Super Redhawk Trousers which lead the way in both comfort and strength. Using triple stitched seams in its construction, you can be sure you are getting maximum durability, and with five pockets (including a handy leg pocket), you have plenty of storage for all those work essentials. The external knee pad pouches allow you to use specially designed Dickies kneepads so that you can ease the strain.

Whether you are in the workplace, or are undertaking jobs at home, this type of workwear trouser is becoming more prevalent as a piece of preventative safety equipment. When you have the correct tools for the job – you can do it far easier, faster and safer. Similarly, when you are wearing the right clothing for the prevailing conditions the same is true. Simply put – with kneepad trousers you are in a position to work more efficiently and for a longer period without getting tired and achy knees.

Let’s make your workwear trousers and knee pads an essential part of your workwear wardrobe. Make sure you look at the complete range we have on website and make your purchase today.