Summer is almost upon us, hurrah, and yet for the vast majority of us we will be working through much of it. So what can ladies workwear provide that is still professional, but allows for the warmer weather?

Some of what is allowable depends on the environment you are working in; dress codes differ when you compare working in the office to working outside in a garden centre for example.

Here are a couple of ideas for the office:

Look for lightweight garments, made from breathable fabrics. This will help you to stay cool without having to show a lot of skin.

Add a bit of colour to what you are wearing, rather than the traditional white, even in a more conservative working arena muted colours or subtle patterns may be acceptable, but in a more casual environment go for something a bit brighter.

If bare arms aren’t allowed then if you want to opt for something sleeveless, make sure to cover up with a lightweight cardigan or blazer.

Always remember that if you are in doubt than ask someone.

In more outdoor based working environments then it can be the case o a more relaxed approach can be taken, or that the dress code is uniform based anyway, for example if working in seasonally based business’ that a bright t-shirt emblazoned with a big company logo or message and shorts to match is the order of the day. Tradesmen tend to wear similarly based outfits depending on their approach and the job being undertaken.


Here at Brookes we have a great range of products to satisfy all working environments, and remember we can even personalise them with logos and slogans using our in-house service. So whatever your ladies workwear requirements, whether for the summer or any time of the year, make me your first port of call.