Here at Brookes we give you the best quality products from leading workwear suppliers. One of the best is Dickies, a world recognised brand for industrial garments that has won awards worldwide for its quality and innovation.

The company has been manufacturing some of the toughest, quality clothes since 1922 when it was founded as The U.S. Overall Company in the small Texas town of Bryan. It was set up by two cousins, one C.N. Williamson and E.E. “Colonel” Dickie, before Williamson’s son Don joined and changed the company name to Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company. It successfully grew and went on to produce millions of uniforms for the U armed services during World War II.

After the war they began there own expansion into Europe and the Middle East supplying clothing to the oil industry. As a result of the quality, durable nature of the products they supplied there reputation grew so that in the late 1980s they established Dickies UK, which is based in Somerset.

The use of workwear has even crossed over into popular culture as groups such as “skater kids”, punks and “grungers” picked up on the brand and worn it as part of their own “uniform”, as the hardwearing materials were ideal protection for extreme sports and the working class roots also appealed to the DIY ethos of the punk movement. This continues today where the company name is still popular on the skater scene and as fashionable casualwear. It has even been spotted been worn by Hollywood A-listers and has featured in numerous TV shows and films.

The reputation of this company has always been built on the reliability of its products and its continuous innovation. No wonder they are one of the world’s leading workwear suppliers, and no surprise that we stock there products.