Its London’s turn to host the world’s leading fashion designers and their latest creations, but can anything from the catwalk be used in the workplace.

Well it looks like its being bright and bold for Spring – primary colours are back in use with red, black and big blocks of white being the firm favorites. This is definitely something that can be utilized through workwear, such as polo shirts and sweatshirts. It also makes things easier when it comes to matching items to make that outfit look right for any situation. So the Gildan Heavyweight Ultra Polo, and the Gildan 50/50 Adult Crew Neck Sweatshirt with its range of available colours would both stand you in good stead.

This use of colour seems set to stay with us until the latter part of 2013 as the use of designs featuring stripes and tartans would appear to be on centre stage, especially when the garments are utilizing natural fibres. So if you are thinking of replacing your teamwear, consider the Harvest Men’s Lakeport Rugby Shirt as being both practical and fashionable

The big discussion in fashion going on at the moment is about shoes and in particular boots, whether it’s desert boots, or pointed toes. We can’t help you with what to me sound like ‘wicklepickers’ but the Samson Redskin Dealer boot would seem to fit the bill for practicality and style.

In addition most of the workwear can be personalized with logos, whether printed or embroided, which our ever helpful support staff could assist you with.

Also mentioned in Fashion week were haircuts, and it looks like it’s retro influenced with buzzcuts and bouffants back, and even the ‘comb-over getting a look-in, and as an extra for the males the clean-cut look for the face is back in a big way.