Now you heard it here first. In honour of Shakespeare, and this Summer’s festival of Shakespeare, here at Brookes we’ve decide that doublet and hose is the new workwear rock and roll.  Seriously as Shakespeare puts it:


“Through tattered clothes great vices do appear; Robes and furred gowns hide all.”  King Lear


Let Brookes be the first supplier to equip your workforce with the latest retro Tudor workwear. Joking aside, if you don’t want great vices to appear,  you need to protect and cover. Can we suggest the one of the best coveralls to protect and cover is the latest Dickies EZ-ON Workwear Coverall. This fantastic coverall has two full length zips, stud adjustable sleeves and velcro fastening ankles.

We are selling this coverall at formidably retro prices. In fact for as little as £19.85 feel free to grab yourself this classic coverall. Here at Brookes we are a premier supplier of  Dickies Workwear and we would be delighted if you took the time to have a browse through our range of Dickies workwear.

After all as Shakespeare said:

"The purest treasure mortal times afford is spotless reputation"

We hope that we have maintained our spotless reputation as one of the most friendly and efficient suppliers of workwear in the UK!