The idea of printed t shirts UK might not be a staple of winter wear, but this adaptable piece of clothing actually makes a good base layer in the winter months. This garment has had a very interesting history, from its original invention as a piece of ladies underwear to the iconic item of pop culture it is today.

Yes even in winter the humble t-shirt can be seen being worn, but more often in this country, unless you are one of the more hardy amongst us it becomes a past regeneration of itself as a baselayer or piece of underwear. After all it can be quite difficult to stay enthusiastic about working outside in the winter. Darker mornings and evenings, lower temperatures and wetter weather aren’t the best incentives to getting a job done.

However if you dress in the right manner then the elements can be beaten and work can be completed. It’s not rocket science but layering is the name of the game, and while there are technical baselayers available the humble t-shirt is a fine alternative. Especially in more dressy situations where you can be going from outside supervision to working in the office, then a t-shirt under your shirt and tie and winter coat can be a great addition.

So get kitted out properly and be ready for whatever winter throws at you, so whether its printed t shirts UK, or winter boots and jackets, here at Brookes the home of workwear we will have something to suit your needs and with our great discount your pocket too.