Yes it’s true, now that stars such as Bruce Willis, David Beckham and Puff Daddy have been seen sporting this particular look it looks like the sad dad look is officially back in fashion and will be this summer’s look taking Britain by storm and sales at one particular high street store are already backing this up.

In addition the outfit is being matched wearing it with bright Hawaiian type shirts, with the louder the better being the way to go. One leading high street chain has already seen increases in sales of 68% of socks and sandals and 72% in shirts compared with the same period last year. Bruce Willis was seen sporting this particular look very recently, but he was wearing a check shirt, white top and blue jeans, but if it’s good enough for the star of Die Hard who are we to argue.

It would appear that gentlemen of a certain age are turning more to comfort rather then trying to be fashionable, but as a result are creating the latest fashionable look anyway. It has even been seen on the catwalks in the last twelve months, so if you need comfort check out the latest walking sandals and walking socks we have on offer to create your own comfortable look, but don’t worry there are still plenty of other summer fashion mistakes you can still make, check out the following and see how many you see people committing this summer. 

  1. Skirt tucked into underwear
  2. Too much make-up on the beach
  3. Showing off that beer belly
  4. Union Jack Shorts
  5. Sunburn / Peeling Sunburn
  6. Swinwear too small / Saggy
  7. Streaky or dodgy tan lines
  8. Thongs!!
  9. Muffin tops
  10. Swimwear sitting too low

So sandals and socks don’t seem so bad after all, so they? Enjoy it and be comfortable this after all summer, the weathermen tell us it could be a hot one.