Personalised workwear is more than just vanity, in today’s competitive economy it’s very important to establish your company’s identity and to promote it using all the avenues open to you. There are many ways to get this done but the use of clothing is regarded as one of the best in terms of cost-effectiveness. It is easy to implement and has positive effects on both the workforce and the company. It doesn’t manner how big or small your company its use is as important as having your business name on the side of your van, the tools you carry or the letterhead you have on your paperwork.

One important consideration is to get your employees opinions; after all they are the people who will be wearing the garments on a daily basis. As well as making them feel involved with the whole process, they may offer some better ideas.

In certain areas you may have few options to implement specific colours, for example if your workwear is used in safety areas where colours can be designated as part of safety procedures. However, you should still be able to have a printed logo added to identify your company.

If going for an embroidered logo then you need to consider the size and the look of your logo. Too much details and small text won’t work. This is definitely a case of “less is more”. If there is too much writing or if it is difficult to read then you missing the impact you originally wanted to make. The position is something to think about too; generally speaking most business have their company name or logo put on the front of clothing, usually the left breast, but sometimes across the middle. However, remember this is in effect an advertisement so use the space. For example on a t-shirt have your telephone number and/or your website printed on the back in large letters and numbers. Please remember that too much information may have a detrimental effect.

Personalised workwear is definitely a good idea and here at Brookes we can supply a great choice of items and using our in-house service, advice and complete the garments with embroidered or printed logos and names.