In today’s ever more competitive business arena it is now essential to promote a professional look and using specific items of workwear for women, or men for that matter, is one way to give you that correct element of confidence and professionalism. Whatever the type of work environment, be it office or more practically hands-on based then the use of a uniformed look, involving required safety clothing or a dress code, is one that helps present the right image to both current clientele and prospective customers alike.

A uniformed style across a business has the dual effect of instilling both a sense of corporate identity and discipline, in making the individual mentally prepared for work. Therefore the workplace is somewhere not to taken lightly and so they can approach the job in hand with the same approach. This is obviously essential when working in surroundings that are dangerous or hazardous, but is just as legitimate when applied to a retail or office environment.

Workwear has over recent years become more stylish in its look, especially for the office, with some brands almost becoming fashionable in that they do not look out of place when worn in more social situations. So even though you are at work looking professional ladies do not have to forget about their individual femininity, using the latest additions to the workwear range here at Brookes you don’t have to sacrifice style to get the required degree of professionalism in the workplace, and neither do you have to sacrifice comfort as the cut and fit is tailored to the feminine shape.

So even if you have to wear specific types of garments, or a specific company colour, here at Brookes we have a range of high quality clothing that will satisfy any requirements for the workplace, without giving up on any of the more feminine aspects.

All employees require durable, comfortable workwear that is easy to maintain whether it’s a blouse or a pair of safety shoes. Here at Brookes we aim to supply the highest quality products from all the major brands at a price to suit everyone’s pockets. So, if you an employee looking for office clothes, or an employer looking to change your company’s image, we have it here. And don’t forget we can personalise almost all of our workwear for women with a company logo to make the garment stand out even more.