The safety boot, in its various forms, is a piece of workwear that is important all year round but becomes vital in the winter months, so it is always important that it fulfils all the activities you undertake and satisfies the potential hazards of any particular working environment. In many professions and situations it is now a necessity and even a legal requirement, so it is important to make the right choice.

But what do we need to consider when choosing a boot? The main risk that both shoes and boots protect against are slips, contact with hard or sharp edges and dangerous liquids, so extra grip on the soles would be important. Another consideration would be the inclusion of a high-density hard sole to help prevent sharp objects achieving penetration from below, or the ability to stop hazardous, contaminated or hot materials from reaching your feet. One example would be on a building or construction site where the main consideration would be to provide toe protection from falling objects as well as soles that would prevent the base of the foot being stabbed or spiked by sharp objects from below.

Therefore the specification of the boot must be checked and matched to your own situation, as some boots are made specifically for certain environments and you would not need to be protected against those specific hazards, but most boots will offer general protection features. Therefore it is important to consider exactly what you require and check that against what each boot or shoe offers.

Another major consideration in the selection process is the fit, as the boot as going to be worn for a lengthy period of time, day in day out during the working week. It should be remembered that safety shoes and boots tend to be stiffer in their construction, and can initially to be a little inflexible. However, after being used they can be quite comfortable and the addition of a good quality thick pair of socks always adds another layer.

A combination of these two factors, safety and comfort, might not be exhaustive bit would certainly assist in choosing the right footwear for your work situation, and with the range we have available here at Brookes it would certainly help to narrow your choice. And as always we offer the most competitive prices on all our quality products.