Probably the most important piece of safety equipment you have to consider is the safety shoe or boot and they have been around for longer than you think. The first modern steel toed boot was developed in Germany in the late 1940s. Now the safety aspects of this item have make them a necessity in many environments, even being a legal requirement.

It is important therefore to take your time to reach a decision on which shoe or boot is going to the most effective for your personal working environment. Here is a checklist of points you may want to consider for inclusion in your decision making process:

• Provide a suitable grippy sole to prevent slips

• Stop sharp objects penetrating the sole
• Stop contamination from hazardous liquids or solids touching your feet
• Provide toe protection from falling, heavy items
• Stop penetration of sharp objects through the shoe uppers
• Provide foot protection from coming into contact with hot liquids or solids
• Provide heel protection and support to prevent sprains
• Keep feet dry in damp conditions

Check the specifications of the boot and match it to the situation you require the boot. Most safety footwear will offer protection against most hazards but will often prioritise one or two other others. You might not actually require a pair that protects against every possible danger under the sun, as you are very unlikely to encounter those hazards. Remember to consider exactly what you need the boot for and check that against what each boot offers.

One of the most important elements to satisfy in this process is the fit, since the individual is going to be wearing this item for an extended period of time. Safety shoes and boots tend to be harder and appear inflexible. As a result some people tend to buy a size bigger to give more room for the feet. However, this does give rise to injuries such as sprains and in some cases, bone fractures. The old hiking trick of wearing a thick pair of socks when wearing shoes that are slightly oversized is still valid, and adds that extra layer of comfort at the same time.

Why not look at a pair of safety shoes from the website and see how they match up to your requirements. The CAT Dimen6” Safety Boot (C536) is one of the top selling workwear boots having the benefit of steel toe protection , dual density PU sole and a padded collar for extra comfort and complies to safety standards ISO20345. And it it doesn’t check out the rest of the range we have available.