When the weather is bad or you are working with particular hazardous materials safety boots might not be able to protect you in a way you require so here at Brookes we are proud to present a range of safety wellingtons that are sure to provide that extra protection. The wellington, or welly, is unquestionably a timeless icon of functionality but the following examples have been taken on from the wellington you use at home to provide amazing protection for serious work environments from construction sites to chemical facilities.

The Dickies Thermolite Safety Wellington Boot is lighter than anything made in rubber or PVC in a similar design and is also more durable lasting 3 to 4 times longer. The material is also thermo-insulating and will remain supple and flexible down to -4 degrees. It also incorporates a steel toe-cap into its design and the sole has been specially designed to provide greater slip resistance. It also features a moisture absorbing insole so that the boot remains comfortable to wide for longer.

For those who work in hard environments such as farming or construction you may want to consider the Dickies Landmaster Wellington. This also utilises Thermolite in its construction so you have the same 40% saving on weight compared to rubber and PVC, as well as the increased durability and the same thermos-insulating properties so that the inside is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As well as the protective steel toecap, this also has a steel midsole and a rear kick-off spur. It also has a greater slip resistance on the sole and is resistant to oil, fats and manure.

So whatever your work environment check the full range we have available as here at Brookes, the home of workwear, as we have an extensive range of workwear clothing and accessories, all from leading manufacturers and always at the best process.