A new warning has been issued by The British Safety Council as research has revealed that employees are far more likely to suffer injuries in the first few months than at any other time so employers are being urged to pay extra attention to the health and safety of new works and temporary staff, including the approach to high visibility safety workwear.

The risk of injury can be vastly reduced by introducing some simple common sense steps. They are numerous reasons for someone being more likely to be involved in an accident when starting a new job. They may have a general lack of work experience, be unfamiliar with the workplace and its layout, its specific work processes, a lack of physical capability to complete a task or the confidence to raise concerns faced, or it could be a failure of the employers to provide the necessary training and equipment as well as allowing enough time for new employees to become of their new environment

So leadership is a key issue that has be faced, as both organisations and individuals need to ensure that safe working practices are in place and more importantly that they are followed by providing a work environment that promotes safe behaviour as the norm. Planning and risk assessment have to be done properly in this instance, utilising the knowledge and experience of existing staff to help to decide how best to control risk, and then providing the appropriate training to any new employee, and to make sure that the training is understood correctly..

Work is also taking place within schools so that pupils approaching leaving school and entering the workplace for the first time are made more aware of the situations they will face. The campaign highlights both the risks and good practice that already takes place such as good communication which forms the main basis of health and safety in the workplace. It has also set up information online in a bid to reduce the injury rate

Rules and regulations within a workplace are there for a reason, and getting the correct high visibility safety workwear in place for employees is part of that t process, so whatever the working environment, here at Brookes we can satisfy those needs with the best quality and best priced work wear around.