It’s March1st, traditionally the first day of Spring but looking outside it has been cloudy and gloomy all day, but will it be a case of wearing workwear shorts for work anytime soon?

Having looked at the long range weather forecast that takes us up to Easter it looks like the shorts will have to wait as frosty nights still seem to play a large part for the next couple of weeks and the likelihood of sunshine is at best unlikely. Its even given the possibility of “snowy showers’.

However, the following week at least it looks like it will be dry with little rain on the horizon, but temperatures are expected to be just under the average for this time of year.

The outlook is just not shorts weather, but with my legs that might not be a bad thing!

The south of the country might get a little more in the way of sunshine, but even there the temperatures will not be anything to write home about. So Spring has arrived but Spring weather is definitely lagging behind.