The weather is getting better, if only slowly, and so womens workwear, for those working outdoors can begin to change. Like butterflies, it’s time to swap the warm gloves, big fleeces and waterproof jackets for garments that are lighter and brighter. However, especially with the British weather don’t put those waterproofs too far away!

We all realise that if you wear the appropriate workwear you are going to make the right impression. Wearing a pair of ragged jeans and a pair of flip flops to work is not going to win you any brownie points. When the weather starts to get warmer it is still possible to look smart, and still be safe. You simply have to ensure that the clothes offer the required protection and that it is right for the job in hand. Here are a couple of things to bear in mind.

Comfort, it’s very important for workers to wear clothes that are comfortable, especially when outside. Why would an employee introduce a dress code to make employees wear something that causes discomfort and mean they spend more time thinking about what they are wearing and not on the task being undertaken? Associated with this is freedom of movement when wearing the chosen garment. So a pair of smart cargo shorts may be appropriate.

Even if you are required to wear certain items, such as hi-vis clothing, in the warmer weather think about wearing a hi-vis vest instead of a full jacket if the situation allows it Safety has to come first, but the ‘being comfortable’ factor has to be considered.

Don’t penny pinch, as you should consider the quality of the workwear being offered. A t-shirt, polo-shirt or whatever you are considering should be the best quality you can find for your budget, customers won’t be impressed when faced with employees wearing cheap misshapen t-shirts and polo’s.

You can have most workwear personalised with your logo or company name to add a touch of style. So all your womens workwear for the summer can be lightweight but practical, whether you go for a t-shirt or polo it simply needs to be smart and fit the needs of the company and the work environment