A stranger has ridden into town who intends to dry off the rain soaked streets and factories of the UK. No more rain streaked office and factory windows, no more glowering skies and the glowering faces of foreman and managers. The working summer has begun!

Poetic licence aside; it is funny how the return of something approaching normal UK temperatures (for the time of year!) seems to improve the general outlook. Everyone feels happier, productivity soars and importantly for us the Summer workwear season begins at last.

Weather like this makes our customers start to think about a workforce dressed in polo shirts or t-shirts. The ubiquitous workwear short has even been known to put in an appearance. In the interests of Brookes contribution to the summer season we have decided to put together a number of offers for our customers. Some of you may have received an e-mail with some incredible deals on for those unfortunates who haven’t there’s a reminder at the top of this post of one of the things that we do best.

Great workwear clothes at great prices

Let a little sunshine into your life!