It gives us more to talk about in the UK than anything else and we all have to be prepared for it as best we can the unpredictable British weather. Who hasn’t been caught out by that sudden downpour at least once? With the snow making a, hopefully last appearance, before Spring begins at the end of this week, maybe now is  a good time to look at changing that winter coat for something a little lighter but still of commensurate quality to do the job. As the temperatures hopefully climb that snow will give way to rain in all its forms, from that bit of drizzle when you walk to the shops, that alleged April shower, or that torrential storm that seems to be getting more common that can leave communities flooded.

 You would think that as a nation we would all have the need to be prepared against rain would be drummed into us from being knee-high to our parents, but no, we still get caught out or think we know better. It’s especially true for drivers and while we all need to be more aware of what is happening around us as far as the weather is concerned here are a couple of things to remember when out on the road.

 Speed limits on road signs are maximum ones that have been worked out for ideal road conditions, (surface is dry and temperatures are warm), and that when wet or slick surfaces will require longer stopping distances and poor visibility can result in collisions. Pedestrians have to take account of this when using crossings, and taking more care on wet pavements too.

 Drivers have to make sure that the safety kit in the boot they prepared for winter is still useful in wet conditions too. Maybe adding a waterproof jacket and/or trousers would be a good idea, and for the pedestrians investing in a packable waterproof to put in a bag or making sure the coat in use is waterproof could be worth doing. Check out the website to see what is on offer, it could be your best buy this year.