With Caroline (The Tunnel Boring Machine) and her crew celebrating twelve months of digging new sewage tunnels under Preston, will now be a good time for them to replace their Hi-Vis Jackets and Trousers.

 The project has added 3.5km of additional tunnels in twelve months and will involve a mix of interceptor sewers, stormwater storage tunnels, a total of 6km of tunnelling, rising mains and 13 access shafts.

 The scheme began two years ago as part of the United Utilities project to improve the quality of bathing water on the Flyde Coast and designated shellfish beds in the Ribble Estuary. The existing sewer system in this area is over a hundred years old and is regularly over capacity resulting in flood-induced overspills directly into the river.

 It has involved one of the most complex grouting and dewatering systems ever devised in the UK, but has still proved to be effective, and in these times of austerity, cost-effective.

 The completed scheme will see the flows intercepted and diverted to the main treatment works at Clifton Marsh, utilising a new pumping station. The stormwater tunnel will allow any additional waters to be regulated in its flow to the same treatment works.

 Well this would seem the most opportune time for them to consider replacing there well used Hi-Vis jackets and trousers for something new and probably A whole lot fresher!!!