Union members working on a West Yorkshire power station at Ferrybridge (near Castleford) walked out yesterday over problems with the toilet facilities provided. The unofficial walk out was caused by claims that the facilities in place were dirty, blocked and without toilet paper and that there were only eight toilets in place for a workforce that exceeds six hundred and fifty.

Management had been advised of the situation over twelve months ago but that nothing seemed to have improved. The company in charge of the site has now agreed that it will supply additional facilities, including a cleaner. As a result all the workforce will return on site on Wednesday for work to begin again. The unions did show that they regretted the action but that as nothing appeared to be happening then they had to show what it meant to them. With the new agreement in place they are looking forward to using facilities that are spick and span.

It is important for all safety aspects to be considered when on any site, here the workforce faced the prospect of having over a hundred men at a time needing to wash and clean up before dinner; something that the facilities couldn’t cope with.

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