With the vast range of workwear jackets on offer on the website, what do you need to consider to be wearing the right one? There can be a myriad of question s that come to mind when thinking what to buy, but the first thing to make sure of is that it is fit for the purpose it is going to be used for and ticks all the right boxes. Take your time, how many times have you bought something and then realised it’s not really want you wanted. Even though we offer a no hassle exchange service, let’s get it right first time.


Here are a few things for you to consider which should help in the decision making process:


Would the jacket be right for the profession? Certain processions require a specific type of jacket, such as hi-vis jackets for construction workers.


Sizing and fitting. Obviously very important, but within this consider things such as tighter fitting for safety reasons, manoeuvrability, so elasticated cuffs and hems. Finally style, bomber, ¾ length, and either with or without fleece lining or waterproof properties.


Safety Specifications. The work may require clothing that is compliant with current EU/UK legislation, so look out for EN numbers in the specification of the jacket.


Environmental Conditions. Or to put it another way, the weather conditions that the work is going to have to be completed in, the UK is well known for the varied conditions the weather brings.


Practicality and Price. Especially at the moment we appreciate that everyone is watching the pennies, but the sales team are always willing to offer alternatives even with our great prices. Always consider what you need the product for and what you really need it to have – extra pockets, flame retardant, waterproof, windproof are just a few.


Colour & Uniformity. We offer a variety of styles and colours and our knowledgeable sales team are always on hand to offer help on different brands and other products that may compliment your original choice.


So lots to consider and this list is by no means exhaustive, but could act as a first step in considering what wotkwear jacket to buy, so check out the website and then give us a call when you ready to order, or even if you have a question. We are here to help