Maybe we could think of having workwear shorts as part of the daily attire at work to take advantage of the upcoming warm weather. While this won’t be right for all, let’s see where it would be appropriate.

In outdoor working environments it is more acceptable to wear shorts as it can make the working conditions more comfortable, as long as any safety requirements can be satisfied obviously. Most workwear shorts now come packed with features including a multitude of pockets or equivalent so that tools can be accommodated so allowing hands to remain free so the job in hand can be accomplished safely

Depending on the environment you are working in the wearing of shorts in warm weather does make sense. If you are on a construction or building site it may not be safe to wear them because of all the processes that are taking place around you. However, there is no hard and fast ruling and the Health and Safety Executive simply state that if the individual site has a specific policy on clothing that does not allow shorts then you are expected to follow the rule. They do advise that you should be aware that clothing is supposed to be worn to protect against the possible hazards you face with the main reason for protecting the lower parts of the legs is to help avoid splinters, cuts and grazes in a working environment where any skin damage can lead to infection. During the summer, or on very bright days, it is important to cover up as over exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer, and we have seen a significant increase in recent years of malignant melanomas being treated.

However, if your work sees you working in an outdoor situation where you are sensible then the wearing of shorts can be an advantage as they certainly allow a greater range of movement, and the modern designs that are utilised means that you lose none of the storage capacity. The Regatta Premium Workwear Shorts for example are made using their own Durazone fabric. This is ideal for numerous situations involving outdoor work as it is water repellent and resistant to abrasion as well as being very durable. The Caterpillar Men’s Durable Light Workwear Shorts are also a great choice, having multipurpose oxford side and back pockets with hook and loop flap closures. They also have front slash pockets with reinforced oxford binding and even have a ruler pocket on the back leg

So whatever you choose while the sun shines make the most of it and wear your choice of workwear shorts while picked out from the extensive range available here at Brookes, the home of workwear.