Morning shows the day. What we do the first thing in the morning before breakfast sets the tone for the day. Very few things can make our lives more adventurous and let us enjoy the best outdoor conditions than mastering the habit of dawn patrol, including it in our morning routine. Finding it too difficult to get up before 5 am in the morning? Check out these tips from top athletes that can help even the laziest or sleepiest get out of bed for a healthy outing.

Plan it Beforehand

Planning your tomorrow morning a night before is an excellent idea. You should prepare for your next day outing by organizing your essentials like setting out clothes, charging your headlamp, setting an alarm, such that you may easily get up at 5 am.

Develop a Morning Routine

A morning routine will give you a framework that will help you kickstart your day in a relaxed and cheerful way. You should never feel rushed, hectic or disorganised at the day break. Start by anything that makes you cheerful like music, drinking coffee, stretching and give yourself enough time before you get out the door.

Check Your Safety Kit

It is essential to check out your safety kit before you set for dawn patrol into an avalanche territory. It is better if you practice in case of landslide or any natural calamity.

Choose a Friend for Increased Accountability    

When you have agreed to meet someone (Friend or relative, acquaintance) in the early morning, nine times out of ten, you will stick to your promise and meet your friend. If you want to stick to your routine, you should better choose a friend who will make you more accountable.

Enjoy Your Dawn Patrolling

Whatever you feel like doing in the outing like running a trail or jogging your favourite loop in reverse, make it as pleasurable as you can such that it feels like a thrilling adventure and not an obligation. When you feel like you are bounded to do that work or follow such routine, you are likely to hit Snooze and will not like to get out of bed.

Make It Easier With Baby Steps

Having a headlamp kept next to your shoes can be quite helpful as you will not forget them to carry with you.

Start Small with Low Expectations

When you set for dawn patrol, don’t try making personal records or covering uncharted territories. You will risk exhausting yourself and losing the interest. The fact that you got up early in the morning and did a workout is itself a rewarding thing. You can try making every step effortless that will let you get uphill easier and faster.

Eat Lighter before Dawn Patrol If You Need To

If you feel sluggish or lethargic and need to take some refreshment, do take snacks with a beverage to energize you. But the main motivating thing should be to give yourself a treat after dawn patrol that will replenish your body with the lost calories and let you feel on the top of the world.