Discover wonders of joy while hiking with your adorable pet dog. Please ensure that the dog has the ideal age and physical condition to actively jump with you on the hiking journey. Do consider your pet’s temperament as you decide to start off the trekking expedition. You also need to go through the local regulations after opting for a hiking journey with your dog. No matter what the distance is, you must ensure to carry essential supplies for a safe and comfortable trekking journey with your furry friend.

  • Dog Booties for Paw Protection


In order to protect your pet's adorable paws, carry a good-quality pair of dog boots. These will shield their feet from rough terrain, sharp objects, thorny bushes, and varying extreme temperatures. You can also carry a paw balm or wax that can help prevent chapping and offer moisturisation.


  • Map and Compass to Identify Locations


Undoubtedly, people prefer using the GPS service online to detect locations these days. But it is always safe to keep a map and compass as backup essentials.


  • Ample Food, Water, and Hydration Gear


Keep your furry friend adequately hydrated throughout the hike by packing enough water for both of you. A collapsible water bowl or even a doggy hydration pack ensures your pet has easy access to clean water whenever needed. Do take some regular kibbles and dog treats so that your pet shows a driven attitude towards the journey.


  • Extra Clothes for Rain Protection

Be it cold or rainy weather, it is better to keep some extra clothes that would protect your dog from extreme level temperatures. Find a good-quality jacket for your pet that can keep cold weather elements and moisture away. 


  • Items for Safety and Multipurpose Tools


If you feel deserted anywhere on the journey, you can build a fire to keep warm that would also act as a flashing light from a distance during the night. If you get lost or need assistance, a whistle can be cooperative to call for help. A multipurpose tool like a knife can be used for various applications on the path. You can cut down the cloth into bandages, make basic repairs to any equipment, etc.


  • First Aid Kit


Accidents can happen anywhere, so be prepared with a compact first aid kit made specifically for dogs. Include items such as antiseptic wipes, saline solution, and any medications your dog might need while outdoors. Do keep a self-cling vet wrap bandage that would not stick to the dog’s fur. Consider the suggestions of a vet and include the necessary medication for your dog as necessary.


  • Sunscreen and Eyewear for Sun Protection


You should get a pair of sunglasses for protection against UVA and UVB radiation. Do consult a veterinarian and get some suggestions regarding sunscreen for your dog because some breeds are more prone to sunburn, particularly on the tip of their noses.


  • Backpack and Saddlebags


Carry all the required essentials inside a backpack and saddlebag, which enable dogs to carry their own supplies such as water bottles, collapsible bowls, and snacks. This allows them to contribute to the hike while also building their strength and endurance.


Prepare yourself with all the above hiking gear items that will ensure a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable outing for you and your pet. Cherish the moments spent exploring nature together and forge unforgettable memories. Happy hiking!